Build Your Beauty Business

Build Your Beauty Business

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Marketing Material

It is important when setting up your business that you have great marketing material that depicts your business branding and brand colour.  Some marketing material I recommend are Business cards, price lists and aftercare cards.

Business cards – Should always have contact details for your business including address and phone number.  I also recommend that they double as an appointment card and have a place to write the clients next appointment down for them.  This will help minimize the amount of printing required if you are able to have business cards that double as appointment cards.  A Facebook or Instagram link could also be printed on the bottom of your business card as well as your website or online bookings link.  If there is room you could also include “Strict 24 cancellation policy.”

Price lists – Pricelists although are very helpful to be able to give out to potential clients as well as existing clients for them to be able to see pricing of all of the services that you offer, they can be quite expensive to print.  When starting out it might be more beneficial for you to make sure you have an easy to navigate website that has all of your services and pricing listed.  If you do have price lists printed, I recommend putting somewhere on them that “Prices are subject to change without notice.”  This covers you for if a client has an old price list and makes an appointment and expects you to honor the old price. 

Aftercare cards – When providing a service to a client, giving them the correct aftercare ensures that they will get the best out of their service.  Always ensure you go through the after care in person with the client, but giving them an aftercare card with all of the details written down for them not only looks professional but it gives them a chance to read over it in their own time.  It is also a reference for them to go back and check if there is something they couldn’t quite remember. 

Website – It is very important to make sure you have a website that is comprehensive and easy to navigate.  A website will be one of the first things a potential client will look up when searching for a business.  It needs to depict your business branding as well as the feel for the salon.  Ensure you have clear photos of your work, up to date pricing as well as important info about your business such as phone number, address and booking options for clients.  You can have a graphic designer design a website for you however these can be quite expensive.  When starting out you can create your own for a fraction of the price using easy to edit templates on vista print.

Gift Vouchers – Gift vouchers can be a very easy way to increase income for your business.  A lot of vouchers are given but are never actually used because people either lose them or just never get around to it.  You want your gift vouchers to look beautiful and professional as if they are given as a gift, the person who was given the voucher is a potential client who could become a long-term client if they have an enjoyable experience at your business.  The current regulation for gift vouchers is they have to have a minimum of 3 years before the expiry date.  At You Little Beauty we put an expiry date but always honor the gift vouchers regardless of when the expiry date is.  This is personal preference.     

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